The Dave Chang Show Podcast 


Majordomo Media's first venture is a doozy: The Dave Chang Show. David Chang likes to talk—a lot—and if you are a watcher of his Netflix show Ugly Delicious, you know he’s got strong opinions in and out of the kitchen. So this podcast is a platform, produced in conjunction with The Ringer, to let loose with a fascinating bunch of guests about food and restaurants, yes, but also pop culture, sports, travel, living in L.A. (he’s recently landed on the West Coast), and lots of other pressing matters. Each week he sits down and chats with his celebrity friends, sports stars, chefs, and other influencers to discuss food, culture, travel, and other pressing topics.

My role: I am the Creative Director overseeing all promotional elements of every single weekly episode.


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When the podcast first launched on iTunes it hit the #2 spot on the Top Charts. With each week, we promote the latest podcast on social and via the Majordomo newsletter, both gaining in popularity with each new episode.


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