Starbucks x Steven Harrington


A few summers ago, Starbucks introduced hand-crafted cold brew in select California and Washington locations and was looking for a way to create buzz. The new Starbucks Cold brew requires a custom blend of beans that are grown to steep long and cold in order to produce super-smooth flavor. Every day a barista manually prepares the cold brew in small batches by slow-steeped the proprietary blend of beans in cool water for 20 hours, without ever touching heat.

Because of this special attention and care we partnered with Los Angeles artist Steven Harrington to commission artwork that captures the spirit of the new coffee drink. Taking it a step further, we selected one of the most highly-trafficked Starbuck's in Hollywood and hosted the artist to sign a super limited edition set of custom painted mason jars. This video was created to document and help promote the launch of Cold Brew in Starbucks stores nationwide. 

art direction

video editing

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Art Commission