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About me 

I am a hands-on kind of Art Director with a a wide-ranging set of skills*. I'm hard working, nice, and have been told on occasion I am funny. The way I phrased that last sentence tells you I'm humble, too. (But the transparency in this one signals my sense of humor and a personal hedging of bets that you'd enjoy all of these confessions in the all-consuming task of discovering my personality via my site/blog.)

I graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Mass Communications and Art Practice. The "Art Practice" means I can paint, sculpt, and draw. The "Mass Communications" portion of that means that I think about how the end product or message inspires the consumer to act. 

I chose to follow up my academic endeavors with a fine career in advertising as an working for companies like WIRED, Edelman, Ogilvy San Francisco, Swirl, DraftFCB Seattle, freelancing for various Bay Area companies and agencies, ranging from independent shops to talented and tenacious start ups. Most recently, my passion is in social marketing and UX strategy and design. Throw a hefty dose of fashion and painting and you've got a good picture of me.

*Skills include: digital and social marketing, UX strategy and design, advertising, print, TV, web, video, editing, illustration, art, photography, presenting, pitching, writing, concepting, and Español.


About my blog

I run the art, fashion, and design blog, since 2007. In it I post my personal style via custom photography, designed styling posts, and mood boards. It was named one of the "Top 20 Fashion Blogs for Professional Women" by Forbes Woman and has been featured on Barneys New York The Window blog, Refinery29 , Diablo Magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, and other major publications.

Featuring photography by Nick Smith.

This passion project has given me valuable experience with social media, providing me with a unique perspective on how an up-and-coming blogger can create and market their content and brand, as well as partner with PR companies, boutiques, and agencies to create promotions.



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